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I was first introduced to the concept of making your own photo books a year ago. I ordered one from a local website and it arrived about a week later. Recently I found out about SmileBooks Photo Books and they ship to US and Europe which is fantastic. They offer 4 sizes of photobooks, ranging from 12″ x 12″ to 5″ x 5.5″. There are about 9 cover choices available. The cover options include Hardcover, Faux Leather ,Premium Linen, Satin Finish, Softcover, Linen and Booklet.

Now, you must be wondering how exactly does this work. How do we create the photo books?

It’s actually very simple. First, you need to download a free software from the site. Then check out the How To Guide at the site which will guide you on how to make your own photo book. Basically, you can select the layout of the pages and choose which photo to put on the photo book and how big or small do you want the photo to be. You can even include text on the pages. Once you have created your photo book and is satisfied with it, click on the Order Now button and save your photo book. Then follow the instructions on screen.

Now, if you are worried that you won’t be able to follow the instruction on the free software or if you are confused, check out the CEWE PHOTO BOOK Assistant. It’s an intelligent software that will help you create your photo book.

The price starts at $9.95 for the smallest photo book (5.5″ x 5″) while the largest one (12″ x 12″) retails at $68.95. The price quoted has 26 base pages. Additional pages will cost more. I think the large one is suitable as wedding photo book and the price is reasonable too. You get to choose the pages layout, the cover types and which photos to include and what kind of text to include.

Production of your photo book will take 2-5 days while shipping will take 6-10 days. So it will take about 2 weeks from the day you order for you to receive your photo book. It is worth the wait, I’d say.

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European looking buildings facing the river.Comprise mostly of banks and insurance companies.

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